Sunday 8 March 2015

Fish And Chip Van Beats Darwin’s Top Restaurants

Trip Advisor may not be the pinnacle of culinary advice but it is difficult to ignore this story of a minnow (excuse the pun) trumping the big boys in one of Australia’s key tourist destinations.

The story of a little red fish and chip van, located in a car park, and run by two part-time cooks with no hospitality experience, is an inspiration for small business owners everywhere. Grant Wales, 30, and Kate Jellis, 27, outrated well known Darwin restaurants like Pee Wees at The Point, Hanuman, Char and Evoo on the travelling review website, TripAdvisor.

They credit much of their success to the power of social media and when five-star ratings started turning up on TripAdvisor their reputation spread. They also credit their foreshore location and its attraction to families and groups of friends with providing the customer numbers needed to ensure success.