Thursday 12 March 2015

Renewal Questions Start

We have been promoting the merits of becoming informed about QVM renewal before we start the process of analysis and questioning. With a number of key consultation sessions still to happen, that still applies, but we couldn’t resist just a couple of questions at this early stage. Our intent is to raise questions on this website over coming weeks and seek answers as we go.

What guarantees do we have that development money will be spent in the right places? This question was asked by a trader who was concerned that proceeds from the sale of the development land in the Franklin St. triangle could disappear into city coffers. We can actually answer this one because we have access to the agreement between Melbourne City Council and the State Government which says in part – “Any profits that MCC receives as a result of selling or developing the Development Lots must be used for the Project or ongoing management of the Market.”

Is the car park under A,B,C sheds still an option? – the Draft Master Plan refers to customer parking in Quarter 2 and says – “Consideration will be given to provision of underground services and may include limited car parking. Investigate potential customer car parking in areas clear of former cemetery, below A,B and C sheds.”

What are your questions?

And just in case you haven't yet read the Draft Master Plan or the Strategic Brief, here are the links -
Download the Draft Master Plan document by clicking on one of the entries below.
   a. - PDF document.
   b. - Word document.
There is also a Strategic Brief compiled by QVM which informed the Draft Master Plan. It has a lot more detail and is available here -