Friday 20 March 2015

Is It Time You Were Recognised For Your Contribution To Melbourne Retailing?

The Lord Mayor’s Commendations recognise the commitment of small business proprietors, including market traders, and their contribution to the City of Melbourne's prosperity.

Applications can now be made for the 2015 awards which are open to –
- independent small business proprietors with fewer than 20 employees (equivalent full-time), that have operated continuously within the City of Melbourne for at least 10 years

- those whose business partners have been previously recognised by this program.

- previous recipients who are now eligible for upgrade

- generational family businesses of any size where the business has been operated by the same family within the City of Melbourne for three or more generations in succession. A minimum qualifying period of 10 years for the current proprietor applies.

Traders with 10+ years of operation are therefore eligible and the process involves filling out an application form (click here for an online link), and attending an evening presentation ceremony at Town Hall.

It is not often that traders receive outside recognition for their efforts and the presentation ceremony is an excellent opportunity to network with other small business operators in Melbourne, promote your business, and promote the Queen Victoria Market as a whole. Recent recipients include Bruce Pham, Joe Stolarek, Krista Hackett, Xenia Charalambous, Fabio & Lisa Costa and Stephen Cooper.

Awards are available in the following categories –

50+ years: Platinum Commendation - Small Business Proprietor

40+ years: Gold Commendation - Small Business Proprietor

25+ years: Silver Commendation - Small Business Proprietor

10+ years: Bronze Commendation - Small Business Proprietor

3+ generations: Generational Family - Business Commendation

Traders can access an application form online (click here) or contact QVMAC Trader Representative Greg Smith on 0406 222 020 for more information.