Sunday 26 July 2015

David Jones Inspired By QVM In New Food Offer

An article in the Herald Sun this week focused on David Jones plans to upgrade its food offer and apparently the DJ’s chief executive is inspired by what he has seen at the Queen Victoria Market.

Back on 11th July we reported on DJ’s plans for food expansion - . In that article we questioned what impact the incessant competition for food buyers would have on QVM. QVM’s competition comes from more than DJ’s of course. The big two supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, have been steadily upgrading their fresh food and deli offer with Woolworths reported this week to have the largest share of the deli business.

David Jones Food Hall
Woolworths South Africa Food
DJ’s current food hall at its flagship Bourke St. store is no slouch (see photo) and DJ’s parent company, Woolworths South Africa, also has credentials in food presentation (see other photo). Woolworths South Africa chief executive and David Jones chairman, Ian Moir, said “You cannot get better meat, better fish, better cheese than you can at Vic market.” “You’ve got quality produce being sold by people who are engaging and that’s something we need to recreate within our own food market.”

DJ’s plans include upgrading their current food offer, expanding the offer into other flagship stores, and possibly progressing to stand-alone food stores.