Tuesday 14 July 2015

Trader Representatives Make Submission To Council

Trader Representatives for PE & SL Traders made a submission today at the CoM Future Melbourne Committee (Major Projects) Meeting.
Councillors were formally considering approval of the QVM Renewal Master Plan including an Implementation Strategy commencing in early 2016. Trader representatives were keen to make a statement about the urgent need for detail and action in relation to market improvements.
Here is the online submission made to Council which was also presented verbally at the public meeting.

Submission To Future Melbourne (Major Projects) Committee

Agenda item 6.5 Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Master Plan 14 July 2015

Dear Lord Mayor and Councillors

I am submitting on behalf of four Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee Trader Representatives who represent PE and SL licence holders. PE and SL Traders operate in the Specialty (General Merchandise) area of the market and represent over half the total trader body. We are the "flexible" group of traders, those that set-up and pack-up each day, and we have specific issues.

We welcome the final stage of the Renewal Master Plan and we would like to particularly refer to Rob Adams key issue number 7 on the agenda which notes that traders expressed a strong desire for more detailed information about implementation. It further notes that a timeline of early 2016 was anticipated to consider The Implementation Strategy.

The term “strong desire” probably understates the feeling of traders. There is great uncertainty, concern and anxiety over the possible impact of a renewal. Throw in a retail recession and you will understand why traders are indeed keen to progress the improvement of QVM at the earliest opportunity. We don’t want to sound impatient but we are ready to go now.

We understand that proper planning cannot be rushed but the renewal process has identified many areas of market operation that perhaps could be identified, explored and even trialled immediately with energetic input and some additional, yet modest, resourcing. For licence holders that may include permanent stalls, new configurations, and possibly trading hours etc.

We are ready to saddle the horse, get on the bike, whatever it takes, to get the process started and we ask that consideration be given to early adoption measures for components of QVM Renewal. We urge Council to assist in this process and we will be making a similar request to QVM management at a Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee meeting on 23rd July 2015.

Thank you,

Greg Smith
On behalf of QVMAC PE & SL Trader Representatives – Stephen McLennan, Kha Nguyen, Greg Smith and Ivano Guseli.