Wednesday 29 July 2015

Melbourne Music Week 2015

If QVMAC Trader Representatives have nightmares it is usually about Melbourne Music Week in 2014. The on-again, off-again event that finally ended up under our sheds caused significant disruption to traders and their trade. After the event, traders generally agreed that this sort of event was not compatible with market trading for a whole lot of reasons.

At a recent Council meeting proposals for Melbourne Music Week 2015 were discussed and organisers were very complimentary about last year’s event under the sheds. This year they are looking for a new venue but QVMAC Trader Representatives Secretary, Stephen McLennan, was concerned at the possibility of a revisit to QVM if plans fell through.

Trader Representatives drew up a motion which was presented to the QVMAC at last Thursday’s meeting. Essentially the motion said “traders feel strongly, following the 2014 experience of MMW, that QVM market sheds are not a suitable venue for this type of event and have documented their objection in case the City proposes to bring it back to QVM”.

We have now received confirmation through CEO, Jan Cochrane-Harry, that the city has found an alternative venue for Melbourne Music Week 2015. ......and Trader Representatives will sleep a little better as a result.

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