Saturday 11 July 2015

Small Business Festival Offers Comprehensive Support And Advice

Victoria’s Small business Festival kicks off at the end of July and runs through to the end of August. Events will be conducted at various regional centres with the Festival Hub operating out of Federation Square at the corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets.

Here is a small sample of events that may be of interest –
Boost your potential. Find out what advice, support and grants are available for businesses in Melbourne from Australia’s three tiers of government – federal, state and local – and what you need to do to access it. – Federation Square Friday 31st July.

It’s illegal to build a house without a plan… So why do so many business owners try to build a business without one? Internationally renowned business coach David Guest will give you a simple, seven step approach that will ensure you create a compelling plan that will keep you focussed on building your business and your success. - Tuesday 4 August 2015

Cash flow is the key trip-up for SMEs trying to get ahead. Avoid your business falling victim by following five fundamental strategies that will ensure cash flows smoothly. Tuesday 4th August 2015.

Fashion’s leading local innovators discuss their strategies for success in a panel brought together by the Council of Textile & Fashion Industries of Australia (TFIA). From branding to growth strategies, challenges and triumphs, learn from those who've done it before and how they grew into successful fashion businesses. Includes Q&A session. Federation Square - Tuesday 4 August 2015 Fee - $25

Here is the link to the full program of events -