Sunday 5 July 2015

Trader Comment On Marketing

In response to an article on some new market videos on social media we received the following comment from a trader -

01/07/2015 14:54:27 Re day market videos "Comment the stalls iWork at have been in existence since 1956 ,what criteria do you use in choosing? Please explain. The stalls are in gm."
So we asked marketing Director, Mark Smith about this latest round of videos. Mark advises us that they wanted to feature traders who perhaps hadn’t been seen before and to get a spread across food and non-food in the day market. Apparently the video maker was inundated by traders when she started filming but with only 10 or 12 stories from 600 or so businesses there were always going to be disappointed traders.

Mark has seen the first two videos and he thinks they are fantastic. The video maker was given creative freedom and Mark believes that has paid off in the results. We hope to bring you examples soon on In the meantime, if you think you should have been included in the mix, why not send a quick email to and make a request to be included next time.

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