Saturday 26 March 2016

$20 Milkshakes Create Queues

We just love these stories about bizarre ideas that rock the retail world, or at least one part of it, and this one is about over the top milkshakes that New Yorkers are happy to pay more than double the usual price and queue up for morning noon and night.

Black Tap is a burger joint in New York which makes apparently makes pretty good burgers (the organic turkey burger with avocado, Swiss cheese, and truffle mayo is recommended). However, they really lit up the food scene earlier this year with their selection of milkshake covering a variety of themes and including ingredients like toffee apples, M&M’s, pretzels, cookies, and peanut butter (not altogether thankfully). Although as our photos show, “excess” is a common description when it comes to content and appearance. In a city where US$7 milkshakes are considered expensive these US$15 (A$20) babies show that price is no deterrent to good taste and originality.

Such amazing concoctions have taken off like wildfire and so the owners regularly
have queues out the door and they have found it necessary to open two new outlets in the city. Just a few blocks away is another food icon, the bakery that popularised the Cronut (a combination of croissant and donut) and they also have queues at the door. Of course in both cases the huge impact of social media was a key ingredient in their popularity.

So, if we were to transfer this idea to QVM, what milkshake recipes could we come up with? With such a huge range of natural foods on our doorstep we figure that there is great potential here and we fully expect at least one of our eateries to take up the challenge. Perhaps a doughnut milkshake incorporating a couple of Karl’s delicious doughnuts from the American Doughnut Kitchen?