Sunday 6 March 2016

Why Is This Supermarket So Popular?

Most of our readers will never have heard of Wegmans but they are a supermarket phenomena on the East Coast of the US and they are setting new grounds for customer adoration.

A business journal recently asked its readers if Wegmans deserved all their hype and a staggering 70% said they were. So what is it about  a humble supermarket that earns this following?

By US standards, Wegmans chain of 88 stores makes it pretty small. But they stock nearly
twice the average number of products (up to 70,000) and have a higher level of gluten free and organic content than their competitors. They engage in a lot of theatre with specialty food displays, cooking and preparation demonstrations, and employees in work aprons.

However, Wegmans claim their employees are the secret ingredient and although that sounds like a bit of PR hype, reviews from customers suggest they place the employee presentation and attitude well above normal supermarket standards.