Sunday 6 March 2016

Heard Under The Sheds

Should the Worlds Longest Lunch Have Been Held At QVM?
This week's Melbourne Food and Wine Festival includes the famous Worlds Longest Lunch event. A trader asked why this event wasn’t held at QVM and the response from one of our trader representatives was that it probably could have been. Earlier last year, trader representatives were asked about the prospects of conducting the world’s longest lunch in C Shed. Trader Representatives ascertained that 80% of C Shed traders would be happy to move for the event assuming they were given an equivalent alternative location. We are not sure why, but the proposal didn’t go any further.

Guru Pete Receives Job Offers –
With the QVM cleaning tender up for grabs, and Pete’s position a little uncertain, he has
been receiving job offers from traders who are keen not to lose his talents around the market. In true Pete fashion he is keeping the details of the job offers close to his chest.

Sparrows and Health at QVM
A recent newspaper article warned of the health hazards associated with our feathered co-tenants at QVM particularly the risks of infection from bacteria in their droppings. Sparrow numbers seem to be on the rise and we know that measures have been taken in the past to control their numbers. Maybe it is time to address the problem again. As much as we wish no harm to wildlife generally, there is an obligation to provide a healthy, clean environment for customers and ourselves.

Recruiting New Traders

One of our traders has suggested that Trader Representatives should be on the selection panel for new traders. Determining the experience and skill qualities of new applicants would be greatly enhanced by a public market trading expert i.e. an experienced current market trader.

06/03/2016 17:22:26 E Shed Plasic Chairs "Would it be possible for management to get rid of those filthy plastic white chairs from the the top of E Shed?
Management would like for all stallholders to lift their game is there any chance that management could lead by example?" Thanks for your input - plastic chairs can look pretty tatty -  Ed