Monday 14 March 2016

You Want To Be A Trader Representative Because...

You may have heard that a new election for Trader Representatives is in the air and sub-committees are currently working on a new representative structure to carry us forward into the exciting, yet daunting prospect of a market renewal. What are the desirable qualities for a Trader Representative? Are you a possible candidate for that role or do you have somebody else in mind? It is probably a good time to take a look at what makes up a Trader Representative.

You want to be a Trader Representative Because...........
- You believe traders can help achieve great things for the QVM.
- Traders need a clear voice to help influence the direction of our market.
- The future of QVM  will need collaboration of market owners and traders.
- At night, and early in the morning you think about market issues.
- You feel you can make a difference.
- The essential ingredient of retail expertise in the running of QVM needs to come from traders.
- You recognise that there are many stakeholders at QVM and any solution may involve some compromise.
- You are good at working with traders, management, bureaucrats, and similar groups who are intent on making your life really difficult.
- You can smile in the face of adversity.
- You realise that the best solution may not always be the most popular.
- You encourage others to get involved.
- You embrace Yoda's quote - "Do or do not, there is no try."

- At all times you will abandon self interest in your decision making.
- You greet a 20 page document on any subject as an opportunity to better understand market problems and you hope it will have lots of deep analysis.
- Sound evidence and analysis are better than pure gut feelings any day.
- Traders are real people who deserve to be earnestly listened to, and their views carefully considered.
- Management are real people who deserve to be earnestly listened to, and their views carefully considered.
- You have reasonable expertise in modern digital communication.
- You prepare for meetings because you want to make a difference.
- You embrace meetings and discussions as an opportunity to reach useful conclusions.
- Achieving results is more important than just talking.
- You understand that success is sometimes a series of small steps.
- You have a positive view of our markets future and you want others to embrace that future.
- You care.

This is just one persons view of what makes a Trader Representative. Contributions welcome.

Greg Smith - Trader Representative.

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14/03/2016 15:47:06 trader representatives " As far as I'm concerned the present team of trade and representatives we have are the best we've had ever and I would like them to stay and keep going as long as possible thank you. 
You cannot please everyone at any time all of the time no matter who you are and no matter how good you are.there always be those who  will oppose anything ,  from anyone at any time .  It's the Sad nature I'm afraid of us humans .this goes back to Biblical times . As I recall  even  A man called Jesus was crucified." Andy

Thanks for your comments Andy.