Sunday 20 March 2016

Nike To Make Self Tying Shoes And A New Service Idea For Shoe Traders.

The movie, "Back To The Future II", had a scene involving self tying shoes and now Nike is going to bring that to reality. Nike calls it "sport-informed adaptive lacing." Place your foot in these shoes and a sensor in the heel tightens up the laces with a couple of buttons provided to adjust the tension.

All great futuristic stuff but it brings to mind a service that our many shoes sellers at QVM could introduce - tying a customer's shoe laces. Sounds crazy right? Everybody knows how to tie their shoe laces, don't they? It has been suggested that most people tie their shoe laces too tight and are reluctant to change the tension throughout the day. For many, bending over and re-tying your shoelaces is an inconvenience. Additionally, the tension needed for walking comfortably around a market is probably quite different to what is needed for walking in a park or on a beach.

A lace-tying station at your shoe stall may be a good way of showing your customers you care, and a great conversation starter. Just a thought.