Sunday 15 May 2016

Customers Love Our Market

While a war of words goes on about renewal, glowing customer reviews of our market continue to surface. Here are some over the last few days on Trip Advisor.

“A box of 12 young coconut is just $5. I shared with other buyer because I couldn't carry that much. I spent $1 for a kg of nice potatoes. There are many restaurants in / near the markets. You can get many interesting things that can't find in the department store.”

“I spent hours in this place, they have everything you could ever want from clothes to food & all sort of goods, great place for shopping & eating, a must if you are in Melbourne.”

“I walked around the place on Wed afternoon. Only a few cafe remains open. A big empty car park place. But on Fri morning onwards, the place was transformed to a bustling place. I had hefty big breakfast with coffee at Le Crossiont, sat on the Elizabeth street and watched people going about. Very nice.”

“You haven't been to Melbourne if you haven't been here! Great place to eat, drink and shop classic Australian and frequent shows and events. In the summer they have a night market which you must go to with an empty stomach. Delicious food and an overwhelming selection.”

“Having come from the north of England I am rather fond of a good market, this one will not disappoint you can pick up some great bargains and souvenirs. The food hall is also interesting to visit.”

So for many visitors, particularly tourists, the QVM is a wonderful place. What traders need is for more customers to come and for those who have stopped coming to find good reason to come back. That is going to require some significant investment.

16/05/2016 17:27:02 Some Customers Hate our Market "Its great to hear all the good comments about the Market but I should also point out there is many bad ones as well!!!I Would like to know if someone from the Management could tell me what to say to all the customers that have asked me what has happened to the market.Why all the empty stalls and the market looks so bad to  previous past visits.One customer commented to me that it looks like it has a bad cancer and is dying!!! I have to agree !!So sad to keep hearing comments like that from customers that will probably never come back again and also spread the word to their friends as well!!! "

Perhaps those customers don't hate our market but hate what is happening to it, and we can sympathise with that. It doesn't help much, but we are simply suffering the same problems that a multitude of retail centres across the globe are experiencing. Consumer preferences are changing for many complex reasons and adjusting to them (greater convenience, easier access, more services) is going to take time and resources. Luckily we have a renewal on our doorstep. I guess you tell your customers that we are in the process of adjusting to changing needs and we will respond in a very positive manner as we have always done. - Ed