Friday 13 May 2016

Design Concepts For QVM

Over the years there have been a variety of design concept drawings for QVM including this one on the left to build a glass tower over the food halls. Fortunately it didn’t get any traction.

Concept drawings are very useful for creating discussion around design concepts and there has been no shortage of ideas when it comes to QVM. Over the years we have seen drawings that show for instance a two storey office facility at the top of A&B sheds on Peel St. presumably to house market staff. Then there was the drawing that showed a building on String Bean Alley which had trees growing on the top floor, and a drawing of glass shrouds over the car park.

But the latest concept drawing (see below) is particularly relevant because it was presented at a Planning Panel meeting in the past week and it includes a building on the Munro site. It also shows possible treatment at the southern end of the market including the retention of the Franklin St. storage sheds.

Like all concept drawings it is not clear if all or any of the components will be part of a future QVM but it does raise a number of discussion points. We expect to see the first renewal proposals sometime next month and in the meantime perhaps we can start thinking about possible scenarios including those depicted in this drawing.