Friday 6 May 2016

Operations Around Our Market

In a public market the size of QVM you can imagine that a multitude of different operational functions go on everyday. We reported recently about the monthly Friday Operations Catch-ups that are linking Trader Representatives and operations staff as they share information and decision making on a variety of issues.

Our aim on Victraders will be to bring you a brief summary of some of those issues on a weekly basis. They will just be summaries but if the subject interests you or you feel you need to know more about them, then we suggest you talk to your Trader Representatives, Market Officers, or staff at the office locations at Shop F1 or in the Deli Lane.

C Shed Special Markets - top walkway to Peel St. - The markets planned for Saturday 7th May and 21st May have been cancelled. That area will be available for normal casuals on those two Saturdays.

Parking In RK/RL On Tuesdays and Thursdays - traders have raised issues with vehicles blocking access aisles which has implications for normal market movements but also safety concerns in an emergency. A procedure will be introduced to stop indiscriminate parking. 

Meat Hall (Fishmongers) -  a procedure for removing rubbish from fishmongers premises so that it is out of public view is being discussed with those traders.

Box Hire - Emergency Removal - traders who miss the cut off point for cancelling boxes due to a genuine emergency will now have access to a new procedure that will limit costs.

Late Pack-up - Wearing of Vests - traders or their workers who are completing pack downs will be required to wear high visibility vests after a certain time.

Hanging Products in Aisles - it is unlikely that this practice can continue given global security concerns and the importance of unobstructed vision for CCTV cameras. Traders will receive formal notification.

Stall Spreading Procedure - this matter has progressed with a sub-committee of traders currently considering options. 

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