Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Hidden Promotion of QVM

Radio, newspaper and TV advertising are traditional forms of promotion that are instantly recognisable and generally available to most observers. But social media is a little more personal and takes place without everybody necessarily knowing that it is happening.

Facebook is available to most although it is directed at a different clientel and many traders probably don't view it regularly. The QVM Facebook activity is going on continuously in the background and recently featured an excellent series on Mum's at
work at QVM.

Direct mailouts (email) are another component of direct contact with customers and once again, many traders may not have seen this form of promotion. Well, here is a direct online link to what customers are receiving - direct email link. The email on this occasion featured activities at the market and a special accomodation/tour offer for visitors.

As social media and direct online communication become more integral to retail marketing we can expect QVM to grow its customer database and maximise the value of this "hidden" promotion.

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