Friday 3 June 2016

Heard Under The Sheds

Guru Pete's Future In Doubt
- some would say our worst fears have come true. You may not realise that Pete the Cleaner is not actually employed by QVM. He is an employee of Citywide, the CoM subsidiary that has held the cleaning contract for the market over recent years.

Well, according to rumours around the market today, Citywide have lost the cleaning contract to a competitor, and Pete may be out of a job. Of course Pete is central to our markets unofficial information network. Not much goes on without Pete knowing about it. He is a highly valuable member of the QVM community and it is difficult to imagine trading days without him.
It is not unusual for new contractors to take on old staff so we haven't given up on Pete just yet but the future is uncertain. This is one we will watch closely.

Loud Music Anti-social? - The decision by UK retailing icon
Marks & Spencer to cease playing background music at its stores may have relevance at QVM. M&S customers and staff have convinced the department store that background music is anti-social and inappropriate in today's customer focused retail environment. Customers looking to concentrate on their shopping simply don't want somebody else's choice of music distracting them. We know of a few traders at QVM who have similar views about their neighbour's music.

Cash Only??? - Trader reported today that he had a pretty good days trade but what was outstanding was the fact that 87% of his sales were via EFTPOS.