Friday 3 June 2016

Take A Shower In This Homewares Store

Pirch is a US based seller of whitegoods that has changed a few perceptions of how to do business.

It started back in 2009 when a retired property developer decided there was no single store that allowed him to buy the goods he needed for building his home. He decided that shoppers were jaded and needed a unique in-store experience. So he created a try and buy concept with working showers, ovens, and a whole range of essential household items.

While other retail heavies diverted their attention to online, Pirch concentrated on the in-store experience, and in fact they don’t sell online because they don’t believe their merchandise is meant to be purchased online.

On entry, customers are offered a free beverage from a
barista and given freedom to try out the various displays. Pirch don’t spend on traditional advertising, instead putting their money into free food and drink. The food and beverages also encourage shoppers to stay in-store for longer.

In a store where the toilet bowls flush, the freezers freeze, and the cook tops cook, customers are able to truly connect with their needs and make more informed purchasing decisions. Putting the customers number one and creating a reality shopping experience (forget the virtual bit) certainly appears to have paid off for Pirch. Now, what can other retailers learn from that experience.