Sunday 16 October 2016

Heard Under The Sheds – 16/10/2016

Why Are We Not Trading Tuesday After Christmas? - today's Trader Bulletin makes reference to the market being closed on the Tuesday after Christmas. Tuesday 27th December 2016 is presumably a public holiday in lieu of Christmas Day which falls on the Sunday. Some Traders are asking why close Tuesday? Surely this is one on those public holidays, like Grand Final Friday, when we should be trading, particularly as the market will be closed on the Sunday.

Awards Night – one trader wants to know if she can purchase a new little black dress and claim it as a business expense.
(Only if you put a QVM logo on the collar – Ed)

Trying Out Scott Pickett's New Deli 2 – we reported that two of our traders started on Scott Pickett’s new menu last week as part of their study on market food offerings ( and a good excuse to eat out on Friday nights). They visited again this week and completed the whole menu. Still a thumbs up.

Market Smells 2 – we hate mentioning these stories but now it is the waste disposal at the top of L Shed which has assaulted the senses.  This time it was on a much larger scale with traders and customers visibly affected by the smell of rotten milk. This has happened before and it is one that needs constant attention.

Art In A Shed – the display in A Shed as part of the Melbourne Public Art Biennial Lab has attracted a mixed response from traders although, as one pointed out, replacing an empty space with art work has to be a plus no matter what your level of art appreciation.

Hay Fever Season – the hay fever season has hit us with a vengeance as winds bring in grass seeds and pollen from the north of Victoria and our local Plane trees add to the discomfort. One trader quipped that a stall selling just nasal sprays, eye drops and anti-histamine tablets could make a killing.

Biennial Lab – a number of our traders are involved in an art project entitled Visible Hands operating from 17 – 23 October. The project will examine how “hand gestures are used to direct, connect, communicate and play across the stalls of the marketplace”. Ivano will be drawing hands from a location in E Shed during the week.

Sunday Trading - a number of traders asking what has happened to Sunday business over the last few weeks. Apparently they are experiencing sales decline on this key (and rent expensive) trading day.