Sunday 16 October 2016

Traders Complaint - 16/9/2016

This comment was actually posted last Monday and we found it a little confusing but we will attempt to address what we think the trader is talking about.

10/10/2016 19:50:20   locked out  "We as traders are locked out during trading hours without being able to leave the market if there was an emergency or other reason, being trapped like animals , as someone has been given the power to do so without consultation with the traders or meeting at traders requests."

The subject matter is “locked out” although the comment describes being locked in. Either way there are issues here and essentially it relates to traders with vehicles arriving late for set-up or leaving the market early with their vehicles.

We know that traders frown upon any trader who disrupts business by their actions. This can occur with traders leaving storage boxes in the aisle after opening time and conversely bringing boxes into the aisle before closing time. Both actions give a bad business impression and can be viewed as contrary to the bulk of traders who try to do the right thing. We need rules to ensure that traders are acting in unison.

The same applies to vehicles. Traders who arrive late and block aisles with their vehicles create a bad business impression and place others at risk. Traders who choose to leave early are equally disruptive and give the impression that the market is closing despite their neighbours being prepared to continue trading until closing time. For this reason, access is often blocked by bollards during trading hours.

The claim that this is done without consultation is incorrect. Traders have made it clear that they object to individual traders behaving badly, whether it be with vehicles, storage boxes, or other banned activities.

The emergency bit is different. If there is a genuine emergency then access or egress should be allowed. Presumably, a personal emergency would simply require a phone call to the office to facilitate movement. If the movement is purely to meet a personal, non-vital arrangement then maybe the trader should leave their vehicle outside the trading area on that day.

Does this address our complainant’s problem? Do you have a view on how these situations should be handled? Please comment.

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16/10/2016 17:39:51   Trader complaint         "I believe this is in reference to the meat/fish/deli halls & H&I shed area. 
The simple matter is door are locked at about 4:15 Friday nights, despite trading running (officially) till 5.
The market management have great concern for forklifts running during trading hours, but cleaners take over the area from about 4pm with blower vacs and the compacting waste truck." 
Thanks for your response. That puts a different perspective on the original comment. - Ed.