Sunday 9 October 2016

This Cash Only Business Embraces A Different Mobile Payment System

SmartCompany has reported this week that Gelato Messina with 15 stores nationally has moved from a cash only payment model to a mobile payment system which ticks an additional important customer service box.

Gelato Messina’s mobile payments are made through a dedicated app that customers are apparently embracing. Not only can they pay electronically but they can use the app to select the products they want in-store, and then present their automated ticket number to a staff member, who completes the order.

By using the system, the customer can earn points and claim freebies including gelato, merchandise, and other benefits. Gelato Messina in return gets the benefits of a loyalty system that is built in and gives them greater control.

Gelato Messina have effectively skipped the standard EFTPOS process and although some customers may complain about the lack of PayPass, the benefits seem to suit this retailer’s simpler business model.