Sunday 10 September 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 10/9/2017

A Hard Fact: One trader lamented this week that he spent years of sacrifice and hard work creating his business and meeting the needs of his customers. When he got that bit right he set about fitting in a family life and all was good. But then someone moved the goal posts (the retail revolution) and he feels like he is starting all over again. Many traders will relate to that sentiment.

A Friendly Face – a friendly face and one of our market’s true gentlemen, was shopping in the market on Saturday. It was great to see you Sam.

Rent Falls – apparently the CoM financials on QVM released this week show a $1.1m decline in stall holder revenue, from $18.2m in 2016 to $17.1m in 2017.

Traders Survey – a survey inspired by TRC Representatives was distributed in parts of the top end on Friday with traders asked their views on extending trading hours and the possibility of an additional night market. There were complaints that the nominated 3:00pm and 4:00pm closing times didn’t go far enough but traders generally were pleased to become involved in the debate.

Instagram Beats Facebook For Business Exposure? – One of our traders has experimented with both Facebook and Instagram for their social media marketing but claims that Instagram gives better results, particularly if a business or person with a large following tacks on to your posts. The ability to adjust your Instagram tags and adjust your customer focus is seen as a plus.

Better Way For Rent Payments – a trader has suggested that instead of referencing invoice numbers when paying rent online we should simply reference trader numbers. Invoice numbers change each week and errors can be made in recording, whereas trader numbers are committed to memory and unlikely to be mis-quoted.

New Management Structure - we understand that Paul Guerra has not been idle in his role as interim CEO and a new management structure is in the wind. We look forward to seeing how the management team will be structured as we move into the renewal phase.

Overheard During a Discussion On Trading Hours - a group of traders talking about the option for a night market for day traders and which night would be best. "Wednesday night" said one. "We already have a Wednesday Night Market" said another. "That's OK - I don't mind sharing with them."

Market Centric Online Site - a new online shopping destination apparently has strong market connections with a number of traders already on board. We understand the site has no set up costs, takes a small percentage of sales only, and will come to your stall to photograph products. Might be worth checking out at