Sunday 24 September 2017

Nordstrom’s Store With No Stock

As retailers chase after the Holy Grail of serving customers in a retail revolution we have come across some unusual innovations and Nordstrom’s store with no stock is way up there or is it?

Nordstrom Local is a new, smaller footprint store that focuses on experiences rather than physical stock. Customers can buy online and pick-up instore, as well as get a drink from the bar, chat with stylists, have their clothes altered, return a purchase, or get a manicure. It is all about service, speed and convenience.

The no-merchandise store might seem highly unusual although as one commentator has pointed out, it is not unlike what Apple do with their highly successful Apple Stores. Yes, you can buy physical goods in Apple Stores, but it is the service elements that are more difficult to do online, that are the main focus.  They include detailed personal service and advice, returns, repairs, and of course the opportunity for hands-on experience with products.

I always new there was a good reason for having a bar at my market stall.