Sunday 24 September 2017

Timberland Innovates

The store with the iconic yellow boot has just embarked on a new retail trend which may define future retailing according to Forbes magazine.

Timberland says that the age of the standard footprint store, rolled out to multiple national and global locations is no longer appropriate. They are experimenting with “pop-up” stores that meet the needs of a particular location and can be set up in 3-6 days, not weeks.

A Timberland spokesperson said “The thing with retailing today is every store shouldn’t be the same. Every store can’t be the same.” Timberland say that setting up stores that respond to local conditions and demands is already paying dividends.

The other concept that Timberland is experimenting with is their TreeLAB store. TreeLAB is a store that concentrates on telling a story based around one single component or theme of the Timberland product range. It's first story was called “Streetology” and focussed on their combination boot/sneaker range.

Being smaller, and more flexible seems to be the philosophy here.