Sunday 11 March 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 11/3/2018

Sheeran Mania – Ed Sheeran’s Melbourne concerts over 4 nights will bring in around 200,000 visitors and the impact has been felt under the sheds. Major Melbourne events and major QVM crowds just go together.

Adjusting To The Crowd - a few traders have reported a definite “younger buyer” trend with the Sheeran concert goers. One trader said that one of his more trendy items accounted for 30% of his sales on Friday.

A Trader who saw the photo of the hydraulic underground storage facility in last week’s HUTS wants to know if we get a red sports car with every market facility. With our luck it would be a white Toyota van.

A Trader Reports – that the Opera In The Market night was brilliantly done and the acoustics were outstanding.

Great to see many of our traders returning from leave and filling empty spots. One said he was happy to be back – “You can only take so much family”.

Stan Liacos was seen around stalls again on Tuesday and the number of traders who have held conversations is growing. The CEO asked one trader if he had any issues and he replied “Not just now, but I would like your email address.” – It was handed over.

One of our traders who operates a large complex display says he feels a bit like a painter on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. By the time he finishes getting all his stock out it is time to think about packing up again.

A customer was overhead explaining to her visitor Mother – “And they pack all this up at night before coming back the next day and doing it all over again.  Its amazing!”

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11/03/2018 18:11:40 ED "Why does it take outside influences to bring in tourists into the market. Is there a chance that QVM management could put a bit of effort into promoting or even advertising the market to the outside world."
Let me get this straight. You think that QVM can generate Ed Sheeran type crowds without Ed Sheeran but just by really promoting and advertising. So the spinoff that we got from the 200,000 visitors that have been lured to Melbourne by a multi million dollar concert (I'm told that Sheeran himself earns $1m from EACH concert so goodness knows what the total concert spend is) can be duplicated by a bit of promotion and advertising. I'm not sure you are right but certainly if the State of Victoria can generate more business activity like this then many Melbourne retailers including QVM Traders will be very grateful. - Ed.

12/03/2018 11:01:54 Ed sheran "To be honest there is only one Ed Sheeran my comment being that there might have been extra foot traffic but where they buying? And if so what? Also you did not mention the cruise ships they do have an impact on market traffic and purchases. Please comment."
Yes, of course, cruise ships were evident this week and they are an important ingredient just like major concerts. Without serious sales data it is difficult to assess the impact but I am guessing both produced nothing more than an up-tick in sales. At least it was up and hopefully that was everybody's experience - Ed.

14/03/2018 17:52:58 Renewal "Maybe you can get an answer for the wider trading community.
Why is management not providing licences renewals to general traders?

We have been told they are not holding back licences but I know of many traders that have been trying to get their licences renewed and are still waiting for answers.  Me think they something smells "
OK, you have asked the question, let's see if we can get an answer. - Ed.
BTW: Your comment may be considered internet trolling which in this case is creating an expectation that something is wrong without any evidence. Perhaps next time keep the "something smells" at least until you get the answer. - Ed.

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