Sunday 11 March 2018

Music And Productivity At Market Stalls

There are many areas in QVM, certainly in the Upper Market, where you can hear strains of music throughout the day. In some places there is a real competition going on between traders and we thought it might be interesting to examine some recent studies about music and its impact on the workplace. Some of this will be relevant to a selling place like QVM.

Our source is an article on Business Insider and it refers to a number of music influences including a study that showed that the sounds of nature can be very relaxing and help focus on the task at hand. That may be more suitable for channelling through your headphones while working through the mind numbing process of stall set ups rather than attracting customers to your stall although if you are selling relaxation therapies then who knows?

Another study done in Taiwan suggested that music you don’t really care about is probably best. Music you really like or intensely dislike may distract you. Just a word of warning here – if you are playing music out loud you never really know if your next potential customer really likes or intensely dislikes what you are playing.

One study suggested that songs with words were too distracting because you are trying to figure out what is being said and what it means. There are some genres of music that certainly do that.

Some Canadian researchers found that participants in an IQ test performed better with up-tempo music. Some years ago there was research that suggested that supermarkets benefited by playing slower music that encouraged shoppers to dwell in aisles (and presumably buy more).

Finally, an interesting study at a number of US and Canadian universities found that moderate noise levels are good for creative thinking while high noise levels decrease the brain’s ability to process information.

So, advice for traders might be that music through your headphones can be productive during various tasks although if playing music to the public remember loud music might distract the buying process. Obviously it is important that you can communicate with your customers easily and that your neighbouring traders are not unduly impacted. Happy playing.

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