Saturday 3 March 2018

What Traders Can Control

The level of retail sales is the key ingredient that traders would most like to control and probably the one that is least controllable by anyone.

There are just too many factors impacting on consumer sentiment - political turmoil, rising prices, changing spending habits, and share market performance to name just a few. One of our traders said on the radio during the week that all QVM needed was a bit of a polish and to bring us more customers. The polish is easy, bringing more customers is incredibly hard and to suggest that anyone can just turn a switch simply doesn’t make sense.

The fact is that bringing more customers will only come from a long term effort by everyone associated with QVM. Bringing more customers will happen when customers are in a spending mood and perceive that The Queen Victoria is a good place to meet their needs. Traders and management need to accept responsibility for their functions and work at them with great diligence. Like it or not, this needs teamwork. There is no switch, just a lot of hard work.