Saturday 20 April 2013

More News On QVM Re-development

Today’s Age newspaper contains a report on the Lord Mayor’s re-development funding project involving two 50 storey skyscrapers. Funding will depend on government approval but in the meantime the report contains some interesting information on what might follow that approval.

Over the past few years a number of independent economic assessments have been made on Queen Victoria Market although Trader Representatives have been unable to get access to them. The Age reports that they have gained access to an economic assessment through freedom of information and the content makes interesting reading. Here are the main recommendations revealed by The Age –
1.      A 6 day trading week.
2.      Uniform hours from Tuesday to Saturday with later trading on a Friday.
3.      New food products, consistent with a fresh food and market theme.
4.      Consideration of a new bar and restaurant.
5.      New event spaces.
We want to stress that these are only recommendations and we have no reason to doubt management claims that final re-development will only take place after full consultation with traders. Nevertheless it is interesting to read what independent economic advisers have recommended to the Melbourne City Council in the recent past. We will let readers speculate on what each of those recommendations might mean.

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