Sunday 7 April 2013

Prospective Trader Query

06/04/2013 09:48:59 Completing a stall application "Hi all, I am in the process of completing an application to have a stall at QVM. I was wondering about the part where it asks about licensing and trademarks and having the right to sell brand name products. I sell many different kinds of products so would I need a seperate license from each of them? My understanding was that my supplier is authorized by the manufacturer to sell these products and that authorization basically passes over to the retailer. Is that right? Do I need to provide some type of documentation with my application?
Also, any other tips in completing a successful application would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Bill" Bill

07/04/2013 2245     Completing a stall application    "Hello Bill - You really need to ask QVM staff if you have any doubts about licensing arrangements. They are a pretty friendly bunch. Generally if your supplier is licensed you shouldn't have a problem. Management will be trying to avoid any legal complications from traders working outside established licensing arrangements. Good luck with your application. We hope to greet you as a new trader soon." Ed.