Saturday 17 August 2013

If You Were CEO For A Day –

With the market operating under interim CEO's (Victor Ailakis this month, Chris Mason next month) we thought this would be a good time to recall some quotes from traders on what they would do if made CEO for a day. We wonder if our interim CEO's could be tempted?

The interesting suggestion that we trade in M shed was made way back in April 2011 by Xenia Charalambous, long before String bean Alley came to fruition. Perhaps we should be consulting Xenia on when our renewal program is likely to get under way.

I'd give everyone a day off to spend with family.
I'd make M shed a trading part of the market.
I’d get all traders to do a survey to assess the general health of trade.
Put electricity in. I could do it myself.
Free rent for a week.
I’d make every member of government (all levels) and every QVM employee run a stall for a day so they would appreciate the importance of our activity and why our customers appreciate the uniqueness we offer.
Walk around all day and talk to traders about their concerns.
I would try to have a better understanding of stallholders and their individual needs.
Rent free if it's Sunday.
Advertising - big promotion.
I'd put in heating and I'd trade longer in summer.
I'd declare a smile day for traders at least once a week.
I'd re-route all airport buses via QVM.
I'd spend time talking directly with stallholders.
(P) Free rent for one day. (B)Free parking for stall holders.
I'd cover in open areas for customer comfort and I'd get rid of stall duplication.
Give each stallholder a slab of VB on Queens Birthday .
I'd take time to visit my loyal subjects.
We have much cultural diversity amongst our traders. I would like to see more cultural art from places like China, Turkey, Iran, Italy. More culture, less K- mart.
I'd hire a big bus and drive around Melbourne CBD collecting customers.
I'd put operating instructions on the knee taps in the ladies and I'd install heating.
I'd move my neighbour, Tim Moore, a few stalls away.

18/8/2013  1830  Stall Duplication - "I'd definitely get rid of stall duplication."