Thursday 15 August 2013

Is QVM The Perfect Panacea For Retail Glitz?

According to the Wall Street Journal the lights are less bright in Apple's retail stores. Commentators are suggesting that consumers are becoming a little bored with the glitzy leader of worldwide retailing innovation largely because it has been months since a new ground-breaking product was announced. (Pundits are predicting September 10th for the next round of new Apple products) The pace of innovation among our retail leaders is quite blistering, matched only by the expectations of their customers. Pop-Up shops here, disappearing retailers there, the retail world is full of change and the pace is pretty hectic.

Is it just me, or can we all draw some comfort from our very traditional retail offer at The Queen Victoria Market? We just continue to provide reliable service dedicated to meeting our customers everyday needs. We need to keep up the standards obviously, and perhaps tweak a few changes to meet some of the recent innovations in communication but, like a Mother cares for her family, we can give our customers the warmth of reliable service and personal attention they expect from a traditional retailer. As long as our customers feel that way we can all prosper through the so-called retail revolution and leave the glitz to others.