Sunday 16 February 2020

Heard Under The Sheds - 16/2/2020

Rockstar, Alice Cooper, was shopping in our market on Friday and attracted some attention as you would expect. One of our Traders is a long time fan and she desperately wanted to see her idol even suggesting that she could revive the old time practice of throwing a piece of underwear at him. Luckily for Alice (and the rest of us) she didn’t actually find him.

Stuck to your work - this Trader was adjusting signage on her container when she became attached. A pocketful of magnets latched on to the metal work and she couldn’t drag herself free without damaging her clothing. New age magnets are indeed very strong and it took a friendly neighbour to help her free.

Innovative co-operation - our photo actually captures two unusual examples of modern pedestrian traffic at QVM, but the three wheelchairs being pushed by one person gets our vote for co-operative effort.

A Trader said his concerns about trading under our sheds over the last few weeks were lessened when he visited his local shopping mall and found a similar pattern of small crowds and reluctant buying.

Five stars for one of our Traders - a rather sad looking customer approached a Trader in SBA asking for advice on where to get breakfast. The customer said he had a really bad hangover and needed a big Aussie style breakfast as a cure. Our Trader recommended Romeo & Theresa’s cafe in F Shed. About an hour later the customer returned to SBA full of thanks for the referral and very happy with the service and food. Well done to all involved.

A Trader commented that his colleagues are remarkably calm and philosophical about the current poor state of business but then how do you get angry at a virus?

A Trader commented that we have put a lot of effort into our connections with Chinese tourism including a Chinese language version of our website. We couldn’t have foreseen this coronavirus event but maybe a similar program with Indonesian or Malaysian cultures could be considered?

“Sometimes you feel the elements are against you”, says a Trader. Guttering is being installed on String Bean Alley Containers to stop the flow of water over the edge of the verandahs but the unusual light misty rain on Friday simply blew in to displays on the wind. Sigh!!!!!

A Trader asks if anybody else has noticed a lot of South American tourists lately?