Sunday 12 April 2015

Traders Workshop – General Merchandise (First Group)

Here is a summary from the trader's workshop on 5th March involving Specialty Merchandise Traders. 
SUMMARY – Thursday 5th March 2015 Trader Discussion Group #2: General Merchandise
Provided below is a summary of the key messages and themes discussed at the trader discussion group held on the 5 March 2015.
Note: these comments may have been paraphrased to reflect a range of similar comments associated with a single theme or issue.

Strengths of the draft master plan
Vision and a commitment to improve Queen Victoria Market.
Realignment of Franklin Street provides better access to QVM.
Removing parking and public vehicle access on Queen Street (between Victoria and Therry Streets).
Introduction of a laneway or arcade between Franklin and Therry Street.
Provide weather protection for Deli Lane and E and F Sheds
Fixed trading stalls in open sheds.
Not becoming a shopping centre.

Weaknesses of the draft master plan
Level of detail available for traders and the direct impacts associated with the renewal.
Valuing the history of traders including recognition of their stories.
Uncertainty associated with the provision of car parking including the number and location(s).
Trader car parking.
The location of back of house facilities.
Difficult to reconcile impact of change now for future generations.

Priorities for final master plan.
Valuing traders’ history, stories, culture and community.
Preserving retail diversity.
Weather protection.
Roofing of E and F sheds.
Re-doing the Munro site.
Ongoing maintenance of the market.
Traders not to suffer during the renewal - process and impacts to be managed.
Sufficient car parking for visitors and traders.
Back of house for the markets three trading areas.
Trial fixed trading.
Generating trader support before and during the renewal.
Communication with stakeholders and the community

Other key considerations
(Current) empty stalls.
Competition from increased traders in the future.
The future retail mix needs to be viable to reduce duplication
Lower market is currently trading well.
Concern there will be a drop in business during renovations.
Coordination between local and state government about access and movement

Political commitment is a risk to the project.