Thursday 2 April 2015

Traders Workshop - Meat & Fish Traders

Here is a summary of the traders workshop held with the meat and fish traders. Plenty of interesting proposals here including a dry goods supermarket.

Meat and Fish - WEDNESDAY 11 March 2015 Trader Discussion Group #4:

Provided below is a summary of the key messages and themes discussed at the trader discussion group held on the 11 March 2015.
Note: these comments may have been paraphrased to reflect a range of similar comments associated with a single theme or issue.

Strengths of the Draft Master Plan
It will bring more vibrancy and colour
The precinct will be a major community meeting place
Utilisation of precinct on Monday and Wednesday

Weaknesses of the Draft Master Plan
Not specific enough about timing, key proposals, 24/7 nature
Not enough information about car parking (primary concern)
Needs activities for children and families

Priorities for Final Master Plan
Opportunities for ongoing trader engagement
Staging of car parking
Increase in number of car parks
Ongoing management of car parks by QVM
Sustainability initiatives
Greater detail about car parking
General freshen up
Do not make QVM clinical – needs dirt, grit, hustle and bustle
Improve main hall – corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets
Cooling for sheds and deli hall in summer, heating in winter
Fix the front of the market – ‘old hall’

Other Key Considerations
Possibility of more than one car park location
Extended hours trading for afterhours customers
Attract students
Better takeaway offer
More night markets
Ongoing advertising and promotion to generate interest and visits to QVM
Introduce dry goods supermarket to precinct
Bus terminal
Creative spaces, for example galleries, studios

Investigate options for customer deliveries and pick-up points.