Sunday 24 January 2016

Chinese New Year Festival Lights Up QVM

QVM will be part of a City of Melbourne major events strategy for this year’s Chinese New Year Celebrations commencing February 2nd. According to QVM the market will be an active partner in a rich program of cultural events including the traditional lion dances.

A highlight will be fourteen illuminated columns featuring traditional Chinese opera masks. These will be positioned on Queen St. and the Therry St. plaza. In addition there will be a display of over 70 red lanterns in A Shed, lion dances at the day market and the night market, and a giant roving Cai Shen delivering lucky red packets to market visitors on 18th/19th February.

Come Saturday Feb 20 the Market will celebrate Chinese New Year with Yuán Xiāo Jié – a Red Lantern Festival where visitors will be able to eat at a variety of traditional Asian food stalls while enjoying performances, lantern making workshops and family-friendly fun.

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