Thursday 28 January 2016

QVMAC Meeting Agenda

Following is the agenda for today's (Thursday 28th January 2016) meeting of the Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee. 

We would like to have given traders more of  heads-up on what is to be discussed although the final agenda was only received yesterday. Some of the trader issues have been progressed and/or highlighted on these pages over recent weeks. 

We will be aiming for at least a weeks notice in future. This will be particularly important as these meetings go from bi-monthly to monthly, and we ramp up discussions over renewal. On that subject we note that we get to formally meet Joanne Wandel, the new Renewal Program Director at today's meeting.

Expect a summary of the discussions in the next few days on

QVMAC Meeting Agenda

Thursday 28th January 2016
3.30pm (prompt start) – 5.00pm finish.

Engagement Hub - 452 Queen Street

Victor Ailakis – Chair - (VA) QVM
Stephen McLennan (SM) QVMAC
Paul Sheahan AM (PS) – QVM Board
Greg Smith (GS) - QVMAC
Brendan Devine – (BD) - QVM
Jenny Pyke (JP) - QVMAC
Mark Smith (MS) - QVM
Joseph Stolarek (JS) - QVMAC
Marina Levitsky (ML) - QVM
Kha Nguyen (KN) - QVMAC
Spiros Foscolos (SF) - QVM
IvanoGuseli (IG) QVMAC
Angela Shen (AS) - QVM
Ben Vitalone (BV) - QVMAC
Invited Attendee:
Cathy Underhill (CU) – QVMAC
Joanne Wandel (JW) - CoM
George Milonas (GM) QVMAC

Jane Fenton AM (JF) – QVM Board

Matt Ryan (MR) - QVM

1.      Welcome                                                                                                     (10 mins)
1.1.           Introductions                                                                                 (VA)
1.2.           Minutes from previous meeting                                                      (VA)

2.      Management Updates                                                                                  (25 mins)
2.1.           Introduction of Joanne Wandel – Renewal Program Director           (VA)
2.2.           Update on Munro Site                                                                    (JW)
2.3.           New CEO Appointment - Status Update                                         (PS)
2.4.           Proposed 2016 Trading Calendar                                                     (VA)
2.5.           Green Cabs                                                                                    (MS)
2.6.           Chinese New Year                                                                          (MS)
2.7.           Melbourne BBQ Festival                                                                (SF)
2.8.           Trading Ideas - Marketing Workshop                                               (BD)

3.      Trader Matters                                                                                            (15 mins)
3.1.           Recent power supply issues                                                             (GM)
3.2.           Market Security Measures                                                               (GM)
3.3.           Extended Leave Letter                                                                    (IG)
3.4.           Directional Signage                                                                        (BD)

4.      Discussion Items                                                                                         (35 mins)
4.1.           Christmas 2015 – Draft Review                                                       (MS & QVMAC)
4.2.           Trader Assessment Criteria – the way forward                                 (BD)
4.3.           Enforcement of Rules (Set up and Pack down)                                (GS)
4.4.           Stall Spreading                                                                               (VA)
4.5.           Extreme Heat Policy – Older Traders                                               (IG)

5.      Other Business                                                                                            (5 mins)
5.1.           Next Meeting                                                                                 (VA)

6.      Attachments:

A.1        Discussion Paper – Extreme Heat and Health Risks for Older Traders