Sunday 8 January 2017

Trader Comments - 8/1/2017

08/01/2017 14:22:02 J shed frying top "I am commenting on a different matter and that is the frying force of Sun in J shed. The eastern part of the J shed glass or plastic roof is not blocked the same as the western part, and because of the severe UV ray, trading is getting quite difficult on the sunny days, for the following reasons:
1: The customers can not stand in front of the stall to have a look at the merchandise and leave. 
2: The merchandise is getting faded by the Sun and every year there are tremendous losses to the trader.
3: The trader, being in always their stall, is facing the Sun every minuet, which is quite hard, unbearable and unhealthy that could cause dangerous health problem.
I think all the traders on this side of J Shed, need to have a safe and healthy environment to trade successfully. "
Thanks for your post.  You raise an important business and health issue, and perhaps one that the new J Shed Trader Representative could address in the TRC. J shed may be the only roofed sector of our market where direct sunlight is an issue.- Ed

08/01/2017 15:12:37 extended trading hour "I was prepared to trade until 9 but packed up at 7 as traders around me packed up before that. I think another alternative could be extending trading hours for 1-2 h every day for a week leading to Christmas. 23rd, and 24th can be 2-3 h. We could make more spaces to car park by parking in the CBD car park with early bird rate as well (for a couple of days when food traders are so busy and car park is packed). When I come in the car pack is full so I drive to a nearby car park and walk 5mins to my stall, the car park nearby is half empty as office workers take early holiday. So if on that Friday we don't have parking vouchers and if QVM management pay/subsidy for trader parking in CBD we will have many more spaces for customers for both food and GM traders." Henry
Thanks Henry. Some important points for our review of the Christmas trading period and indeed any other similar occasion when we are anticipating increased demand e.g. Easter. - Ed.

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09/01/2017 12:37:26 J shed “Dear Greg, thanks for your informative comments over the years. Being a longstanding stall holder in J shed I make comment that issues with heat, fading of stock, birds poo ETC. are common to both sides of the shed, however we are a great market and not a shopping centre and I feel that everyone is becoming too precious. Please respond. 
Issue 2 re pre-christmas trading always has always will be about food.....we should be as GM traders thankful for what we get. Instead of people complaining, be thankful for what we have...the ability to trade without too many restrictions we should all try and be more positive it is a new year, the year of the dragon, wishing everyone trading success.”
Thank you for your comments. Part of your submission came through garbled so I hope your comments are correctly published. It is true that we are a market and we should always expect a certain "grittiness" (David O'Neil's term). But we also need to be mindful of customer comfort. 
J Shed has a roof to protect customers, traders, and their stock from the elements. If the roof is failing in that regard and some adjustment can be made without destroying the market atmosphere then we should address the problem. QVM's architecture will always guarantee a certain grittiness and unique charm although perhaps extreme direct sunlight and bird poo go too far. 
Incidentally, I have been reminded that J Shed doesn't actually have a J Shed nominee in the upcoming elections so we will need to ask how these sorts of issues can be addressed. - Ed.