Sunday 22 January 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 22/1/2017

Bourke St Emergency – Friday’s tragedy has been addressed in a separate article but the informal trader communication under the sheds was certainly in full swing during the event. Mobile savvy traders were keeping their neighbours informed as the details were released on standard news outlets and social media. There was some trader concern about the lack of official information during the event and, once again, that is covered in a separate article on this website.

F Shed Traders Concerned At  Aisle Appearance – A group of F Shed Traders have written to CEO Malcolm McCullough concerning the appearance of a key corner stall in their aisle. The trader concerned fails to adopt the front to back trading philosophy in adjoining E Shed which was designed to enhance the appearance of the aisle. Instead a large vehicle and ugly storage boxes are displayed on the walkway. Action is expected.

Sonia Prepares To Go Home – trader Xenia Charalambous is preparing to return home as she continues her recovery from a stroke.

New Format For Stall Allocations - apparently a new system is to be introduced around casual allocations with allowances for stall sizes and positioning to be be better matched with trader needs. We assume this means a trader needing only frontage would not be allocated a deep stall and vice-versa.

23/01/2017 14:49:49 E and F Shed "Concerns of the F Shed traders are truly viable and the look of the isle is really unpleasant and unprofessional. 
In most of other isles throughout the market, stall holders have to take their boxes out or accommodate inside their stalls. 
Traders in  B, C and D and part of E shed are putting their boxes in the back of their stall which is the thoroughfare between the sheds, and it does not interfere with the trading or the look of the other stall.
But in E shed facing the shops, the traders put their boxes and or cars in front of the lockup shops. 
they do not care whether it is a shop or nothing but a wall. No attention to the look and prestige and disorderly look of the isle."