Sunday 15 January 2017

Technology In Retail

Technology has relevance in many industries and retail has been bombarded by innovations over recent years. Mobile EFTPOS machines, easy website building, and social media are just a few  examples that Queen Vic Market traders have experienced.

But innovation stops for no-one and we wonder if any of these recent ideas will have an impact in the future - 
- Screens that allow you to “feel” fabrics. Bricks’n’mortar stores have had  the comfort of knowing that the touch and feel of goods can only be experienced instore but that could all be about to change with this invention. that allows you to “feel” on a computer screen.
- Printing by burning paper – if you must have a hard copy then using laser beams instead of ink for printing could be a real resource/cost saver.
- Concierge wearables – the Carnival cruise ship line has introduced wearable medallions that will enable guests to do everything from unlocking a cabin door to making a reservation at a restaurant.
- Smart hair brush – the simple act of brushing your hair has been brought into the technological age with this brush that records your hair-brushing patterns, the amount of pressure you apply, and whether you are brushing wet or dry hair. The whole thing connects to an app of course.

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