Sunday 15 January 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 15/1/2017

Boom Fizzles – it would appear that the tourist inspired sales boom that occurred during the week after Tuesday 27th December has been short lived with some dismal trading being reported in the top end (Specialty Merchandise) over the last week. We even have two reports of traders not making a sale during a trading day. The fickle nature of retailing continues.

Heat Policy – older traders who took advantage of the market’s heat policy and stayed away last Saturday (36 degree forecast) can expect a visit from their category manager to confirm their leave entitlement.

Angst Over Trading Days – traders seem to be divided over taking leave on public holidays with a number of traders upset that we are closing on Australia Day which falls on a Thursday, a normal trading day.  

More Angst Over Trading Days – a brief appearance on the QVM website of a notice saying the market would be closed on Easter Sunday was quickly removed thanks to a message from trader John Magno to CEO Malcolm McCullough.
These sorts of trading arrangements are usually ironed out in meetings between Trader Representatives and management but with the transition to the new Trader Representative Committee being delayed, the communication channels have suffered.

Language Test – a number of traders have found it necessary to use their limited knowledge of foreign languages as the market gets a welcome influx of international tourists. Visitors to the tennis seem to come from all parts of the globe and it is interesting that no matter where they come from, the phrase “Any cheaper?” is universally understood.

New Market Pavilion - public sessions have been organised to discuss the new temporary pavilion on Queen St. with representatives of the the renewal team and the pavilion architects on site at the Engagement Hub. Traders who have not caught up on the arrangements may wish to attend.  

When:  Wednesday 18 January, 5.30pm to 7pm
              Saturday 21 January, 10am until noon
Where: Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Information Hub
              452 Queen Street, Queen Victoria Market 
(Opposite the customer car park)