Sunday 10 September 2017

What Traders Can Pinch From Online Retailers

Market Traders know that our ace card is the personal touch we can provide to consumers but there are aspects of online retailing that we shouldn’t neglect.

With online retailing consumers can try on virtual glasses to select their colour and style of eyewear, experiment with thousands of different shades of make-up on their cheeks, and try on clothing in a virtual showroom. IKEA just launched an Artificial Reality-powered app that lets consumers visualize virtual furniture placed in their homes.

And if visualising isn’t enough, there are more and more online retailers shipping goods to consumers to try on. In that environment, the logistics of getting goods to your customers, at the right cost, become very important.

As more consumers come to experience these other conveniences, it just makes sense to enhance the Queen Victoria Market experience in any way possible. Market to home delivery services, particularly for travellers, makes a lot of sense, as does making yourself contactable outside market hours either by mobile phone or website. Two services becoming popular are "Reserve online and try in store" and "Buy online but collect instore". 

Market Traders have the edge in personal service and incorporating some of these online practices just strengthens that advantage. The QVM Marketing Department has expertise to assist with your online exposure.