Sunday, 24 September 2017

Heard Under The Sheds - 24/9/2017

Watch Your Language - an ABC journalist complained this week about the overuse of the f*** word. They were complaining because the f*** word is now losing its impact, and they might have to find another word to shock.
The cafe at the top of String Bean Alley (is it still Padres?) was playing some loud music on Saturday morning with constant reference to f*** which caused one trader to ask whether the music was really appropriate for mainstream family locations? Personally, I’m still trying to think of a replacement word for f***. Maybe A**zon?

AFL Cup Is Coming To QVM – apparently the cup will be here (corner Queen and Therry Streets) on Tuesday 26th between 11:00am and 1:00 pm.

CEO, Paul Guerra’s monthly update on Thursday was well attended with 30-40 traders from all categories. Here are some of the subjects discussed –
Feedback – Paul was keen to point out that we all see things through different lenses and it was important for traders to raise issues that management might not be aware of. He even said, if you don’t like the answer you get, ask again. Category Managers are the contact point for most matters.
Gaps – unsightly gaps in the top end are an issue for many traders although Paul indicated there were difficulties correcting that in the short term as traders continue to take leave.
Planning Applications – the new pavilion on Queen St. has been approved.
PA System – apparently there was plenty of discussion around how to better utilize the PA system.
TV Advertising – very expensive.
QVM Roadshow – at least one trader liked the suggestion of taking the market out to regional areas to promote to country visitors.
Queen St. – apparently 24 of the 28 Queen St. traders are having meaningful discussions over relocation prior to the new pavilion.

Filling The Gaps – this was discussed at the CEO briefing without result, but there is talk amongst traders about moving C,D,E Shed traders over to J-M Sheds immediately to fix the problem and help create the intensity and buzz that is missing with unsightly stall gaps . It would be important to professionally cordon off the future construction zone rather than just leave empty space.

Traders often talk business but one trader noticed this week that when times are really tough we tend to divert our discussion to alternative things like sport, or family. There has been plenty of alternative discussion this week.

Seeking a Manager – One of our traders is seeking a Stall Manager who loves the social interaction we get at QVM and doesn’t mind our strange work hours. An old fashioned retail sales person might be ideal and if you know anyone please let us know.

Today’s Product Focus - In Bruce Goose’s Aussie Made Video he mentions that when his family first started at QVM, the market suggested that they should take on socks for their product focus. One trader was wondering what they would be recommending to today’s new applicants. 

Venting - There is a famous retail sign that says something like "Every retailer should be given at least one day per year when they can say whatever they like to their customers". Containing our emotions is not always easy and a trader has suggested that Victraders should have two columns for venting. One would be for traders who could say whatever is really frustrating them. And one could be for management staff for the same purpose. We might need to have some rules on language but getting rid of frustration could be very therapeutic for everyone.