Sunday 17 September 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 16/9/2017

RonnieZAndTheFabulousJuice Gets Exposure – Ronnie tells us that a high profile blogging group took a photo at his caravan on the top end of String Bean Alley this week which earned him over 20,000 views on Instagram. He might have to move to Korea to get the full benefit of that exposure but then today he has featured in an Age article which included photographs. Ronnie has a point of difference and apparently is social media savvy which might suggest opportunities for other traders.

Angry Traders - A letter under the NUW logo was distributed to some traders on Friday advising that a majority of Trader representatives had withdrawn from the official Trader Representative Committee in protest at lack of progress. Here are some reactions from traders who were not too impressed –
-      Who was the author of the letter? The letter was not signed or dated. It did have a union logo although it is not clear whether it was from Trader Representatives, the union, or anybody else.
-      We are told that some Trader Representatives had no idea the letter was going out which brings into question whether this was an autocratic action by a few.
-      If the author was the TRC who gave them the approval to refer this matter to a union on behalf of traders?
    Many traders are uncomfortable with union involvement given the union’s adversarial and anti-business approach.
-      If Management hasn’t been communicating properly it needs to lift its game.
    There have been previous complaints about rubbery meeting agendas and failure to produce minutes.

Night Market – rumour has it that the Night Market operates at a loss. The Winter Night Market has only 80 traders and significant setting up expenses so it is no wonder. One trader has suggested the answer is simple – open up to more rent paying traders. It will be interesting to see how the Summer Night Market is set up.
(Editors Note: I have been informed by a senior member of management that in fact the Night market does make a profit and its income is not just trader rent.)

Its AFL Finals time – the Herald-Sun had a front page and back page concentrating on Friday night’s game at the MCG and the fixture offered one local and one interstate team. The conditions were right for a good crowd at QVM. But as one of our football dependant traders said – “There is just no buzz, not the normal football energy”.

Coffee Room – On of the items of dispute associated with the withdrawal of Trader Representatives from the TRC was “A lack of proper access to facilities, equipment and space within the market precinct, to allow representatives to function properly”. One trader asks if that means they wanted a couch, card table and coffee machine.

Parking Costs – a trader has pointed out an article in the Melbourne press with employees of retailers at major shopping centre (Southland) complaining about being asked to pay $5 per day for private vehicle parking. Queen Victoria Market traders are generally parking vehicles associated with goods delivery and they have to pay $12 per day or $35 if they haven’t able to get a parking voucher. Sounds like the suburban employees have it pretty good or perhaps QVM Traders should be seeking a fee reduction.

World Union of Market Congress is coming to Melbourne in October and will include tours to QVM. More details can be found here -

Stall Movements – a trader has been told by his Category Manager that stall relocations will be severely restricted while preparations are made for the removal of Queen St. traders and the impending relocation of C, and D shed traders prior to underground construction.