Sunday 3 June 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 3/6/2018

String Bean Alley Containers – JLP and “tap, tap” (personalised leather accessories) were the successful applicants for the two vacant containers in SBA. Still no news on when additional  containers might be introduced. One trader has asked how traders might get involved in that process and make submissions to Heritage Victoria or whoever is involved in the decision making.

Trader with other things on their mind – our photo shows a set of golf clubs parked in a trader’s stall. Are there definite plans for a game of golf after the market or is this just a thought diversion during quiet trading times? Actually the level of stall vacancies recently might leave room for some golf under the sheds.

Trader health – Guru Pete had to have some tests recently but he says all is under control and he is following doctors orders. Trader Graeme can’t drive his van yet (under doctors orders) but is very grateful for the assistance of a couple of fellow traders who give him a lift into work - the trader community at work. Well done!

Signs of success – A trader is impressed with Merlo’s coffee shop at the top of F Shed and not only likes their shop fit-out with its intriguing roasting machinery but says these photos of a pallet of coffee show they are moving some produce as well.

Patience is being stretched in the Upper Market as Specialty Traders experience very quiet trading and wait for renewal action. One trader said “You live on hope….but I have been hoping for a long, long time.”

Good News/Bad News – Attendees at the Meet the Mentor session on Thursday afternoon were given a one-on-one treat as mentors almost out-numbered traders but the refreshments supplied were wasted with such a small crowd.

NZ Service Lacking – one of our traders recently holidayed in NZ and commented on the generally poor customer service in shops compared with our QVM Traders. By comparison we were friendly, energetic, and much more customer focussed.

Interstate Visitors – a trader commented on the number of Tasmanian customers he served on Saturday. The AFL Indigenous Round is apparently an attraction for many Tasmanians.

Great TV exposure – the TV show Sunrise visited our market last week for some cameo trader appearances. Bruce Goose received 28 immediate responses to the TV exposure from local residents and a boost to his online ordering. The impact continued over the weekend with interstate visitors telling Bruce they had seen his business on the breakfast TV show. Trader Danny Lewin also starred (his words, not mine) on the Sunrise show and received a notable response which trickled over to the weekend with SA and WA visitors commenting on his appearance. Well done to both traders and a big Well Done to our marketing team for organising the exposure.