Sunday 24 June 2018

The Latest About Online And Shops

The debate about online and shops is a moving feast. After all we are in the middle of a retail revolution and the goal posts keep getting moved. However the further we go, the more likely we are going to find a single truth, and the latest view comes from an impeccable source.

Apple spend millions on understanding and formulating retail. The Apple Retail Chief, Angela Ahrendts, says people will "shop" online but "buy" in-store. So more shopping will be done online but the actual purchase will be made in-store.

It makes a lot of sense that for many items it is fine to do your research online but the actual purchase, the feel, the look, the specialist advice, will best come face to face with the product and the sales specialist.

If all that is true, then market traders have a positive future, perhaps with one caveat - you need to be online to be included in the game. In other words it will help if those online shoppers find you during their "shopping" before they venture out for the physical bit. See our separate articles about your website presence. 

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