Sunday 3 June 2018

How Do Traders Compare On Wages

A trader got out his calculator this week to look at the latest rise in the Australian minimum wage and how that might compare with trader incomes.

The minimum wage went up to $147 per day. Here are his calculations –
Minimum wage                                                                  147.00
Stall Rent                                                                              65.00
Car parking                                                                           15.00
Box hire (2 boxes)                                                                16.00
Petrol and toll expenses                                                        10.00
Ancillary Operating Expenses                                              20.00
            (Accountant, website, insurances, etc.)                     ________
Mark-up on sales (assume 100%)                                                  *2   ______________
Equivalent market sales needed.                                                             $546.00 per day.

Now, we haven’t applied any rigorous accounting techniques to this little costing but, as a rough guide, you need to have daily sales exceeding $545 to earn the same as a minimum wage earner. How do you fare?

03/06/2018 19:25:04      How Do Traders Compare On Wages  "Calculation is perfect, if you sell Air! Alone! And sleep in the box... "        Mino Jlp
Thanks for the input Mino - Ed.