Sunday 24 June 2018

How You Look Is Important

Traders who have been in this market as long as the Editor (you must be old) might remember the trader who used to wear a black formal suit with white dress shirt and bow tie at his stall.

I don't remember what he sold (please let us know in Have Your Say if you remember) but his impact was undeniable.
Yale University has just released a report on how your wardrobe can influence your role as an entrepreneur -

"A study conducted by Yale University placed over 100 participants in mock situations of buying and selling. Those who dressed in suits drove over three times more sales than those who dressed in sweat pants and hoodies, while the neutrally dressed participants amassed a little over twice the amount of sales as the poorly dressed."
Now, a suit may not be ideal for every market trader but how you present yourself is obviously going to impact on your customers. And, I can hear one or two traders now saying "I dress like a hobo so that my customers will think that my prices are cheap." Whatever works for you is fine as long as it is based on good retail strategy and not just a poor excuse.

Here is the link to the full article in Inc. Magazine -

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