Sunday 24 June 2018

Is Your QVM Website Entry Working For You?

A Trader recently questioned why a potential customer wasn't able to find her stall online and when we checked her entry on the QVM website we found that a significant amount of work had to be done. 

The entry for this trader had very little product information and some photos that looked liken they might have come out of the fifties. Her product range was bright and colourful, she stocked most of the key products in her shopping category but the website didn't convey that.

Our Marketing Team were quick to respond. The trader organised 10 or so photos of her products, a brief description of her entire product range, some contact details, and within 48 hours a much more attractive presentation was up on the QVM website, ready to impress potential customers. 

With many traders getting key customer leads from their entry on the QVM website it pays to check you entry and make sure it is working for you. Clear photos, brief but accurate product descriptions, stall locations, and most importantly, contact details, are all key to maximising your online presence.

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