Tuesday 11 December 2018

Council Considers People's Panel Report

Trader,Steve, participating in People's Panel discussion.

The City of Melbourne considered the QVM People's Panel report at a Council meeting on Monday night and came up with the following resolution - 

Resolutions of the Future Melbourne Committee meeting held on Monday 10 December 2018

Agenda item 6.1
Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Program – People’s Panel Final Report
1.           That the Future Melbourne Committee:
1.1.       Receives the Queen Victoria Market People’s Panel Report and thanks all panel participants for their commitment to the process.
1.2.       Agrees with seven (7) recommendations and requests management to immediately progress, namely:
Recommendation 1
Review of Infrastructure for traders (storage and amenities)
Recommendation 2
Restore heritage fabric whilst preserving and enhancing tangible and intangible cultural heritage significance of the market
Recommendation 6
Improve infrastructure and amenities in the Food Court
Recommendation 8
Provide appropriate and planned recreational space in Queen Street between upper and lower market
Recommendation 9
Develop creative spaces throughout the market to attract and retain families and better engage customers
Recommendation 12
Weather proofing of Sheds
Recommendation 14
Southern Development Site

1.3.       Agrees in principle with six (6) of the other seven (7) recommendations and requests management to undertake further analysis of three (3) recommendations, namely:
Recommendation 4
Allow for car parking spaces for vans, buses and large vehicles
Recommendation 5
Develop G Shed for various infrastructure improvements
Recommendation 7
Dedicated recycling stations ground level or below G Shed

And requests management to refer three (3) recommendations to the Board of the Queen Victoria Market Pty Ltd for its consideration, namely:
Recommendation 10
Increased customer focus for the market
Recommendation 11
Access of customers around the market and facilities
Recommendation 13
Guarantee security of tenure for traders

1.4.       Requests management to:
1.4.1.      In addition to the 500 car parks in Munro, investigate an additional 500 car parks in the precinct with the current at grade car park to become an open space once transitional parking there is no longer required.
1.4.2.      Investigate the minority report.
1.4.3.      Provide a report in the first quarter of 2019 on the further analysis of three recommendations outlined in 1.3 and investigations into the minority report, including the overall impact of these recommendations on the business case and implementation strategy.
1.4.4.      Make public the revised business case and makes public the revised gross costs of the total project (sunk costs not net budget) incorporating any new options.
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